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Level Solutions from Sensemaster.

Sensemaster supply Hycontrol products to solve level sensing and level monitoring applications in tanks and silos.

Hycontrol products are suitable for measuring level in the Water and Waste, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical and Quarry Process Industries.

Level Monitoring solutions



Solid Applications Liquid Applications
  • TDR Radar for solids
  • Ultrasonic, ‘through air’
  • Continuous ‘servo’ level indicator
  • Capacitance level switch
  • Vibrating probe level switch
  • Rotating paddle level switch
  • By-pass level indicator with radar
  • TDR Radar for liquids
  • 2 wire Ultrasonic transmitter
  • FMCW 2 wire ‘wavestick’ Radar
  • Magnetic Float switches
  • FMCW ‘Horn’ Radar 2 wire
  • Capacitance level switch
  • Side mounting 316 SS float switch
  • Vibrating fork level switch
  • Ultrasonics ‘through wall’
  • Mini magnetic float level switch

Standard methods of level monitoring:

Ultrasonic Level Monitoring
Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement is one of the most versatile level measuring technologies available today.Ultrasonics can be used to measure liquids and solids over ranges of up to 60m. The output from the ultrasonic sensor can be used to calculate and display volume, %, litres, gallons, kg or tonnes. The Hycontrol multiple relay level controllers can be used for full pump control of your system or to calculate open channel flow rate applications.

Radar Level Monitoring
Non-contact radar level monitoring can be used for level detection of more difficult products in more hostile environments.Measuring ranges go up to 100m on special models and can be used in
temperatures of up to 200°C (flange temperature).Radar sensors are indifferent to Dielectric strength, Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Dust, Viscosity and Foam and can be used to measure solid and liquid level.

Vibrating Level Switches
Single point level detection of solids and liquids can be achieved using vibrating level probes. This sensor switches when a product comes into physical contact with the vibrating probe.Vibrating level probes require no maintenance, have no mechanical moving part to wear, are simple to install and are unaffected by environmental changes.This product can be used to detect virtually any liquid, but it can also be used to detect solid products such as sugar, powdered milk, tobacco, cornflakes, gravel, sawdust, cement and granular plastics.


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